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The Outcome

How can I find out who won the quote/tender?

If the value of the purchase is $10,000 or more, the details of the contract will be published on AusTender within 42 days of the contract being awarded. This will include the name of the winning tenderer and the total value of the contract.

What other details can I find out about the winner?

You cannot obtain any more information about the winning tenderer from AusTender.

Can I get information about what my business needs to improve so we can win in the future?

Of course, not all tender responses can be successful, no matter how good they are. However, the experience of an unsuccessful tender should not be a signal to give up on doing business with government. An unsuccessful tender process is a chance to learn and improve your offering for the next business opportunity.

You are entitled to request a debriefing from the procurement officer after the completion of every approach to market. Many government organisations will offer debriefing sessions to unsuccessful tenderers as a matter of course. If not automatically offered, government organisations will provide these debriefings on request.

If I didn’t win this time, does that mean that I will never win?

No, it does not. Many businesses are unsuccessful at first when they try to win a government contract, but later go on to be successful suppliers to government. An unsuccessful tender response is an opportunity to get feedback that will help you prepare a better tender next time.

My business was successful: what information about me, my business and our response will be made public?

If the value of the contract your business won is $10,000 or more, the title of the contract, the name of your business and the total value of the contract will be published on AusTender within 42 days of the contract being awarded.

No other details about your response will be made public.

When will my business get paid?

The payment terms will be contained in the contract between your business and the government organisation.

The most common payment terms are 30 days after satisfactory delivery of the goods or services and receipt of a correctly rendered invoice.

I’m a small business. What happens if I don’t get paid on time?

It does not matter what size your business is, if you have satisfactorily delivered the goods and services subject to your contract, and have submitted a correctly rendered invoice, you are entitled to be paid on time.

Where payment is not made within the maximum payment terms, the government organisation is required to pay interest to your business if the amount of interest accrued is more than A$100, as per the Pay On-Time or Pay Interest Policy.