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Indigenous company breathing life abroad

Unlike Australia, many countries around the world don’t have access to immediate medical response services. Cue Integrity Health & Safety, the small business helping the Australian Government bridge this gap.

Integrity Health & Safety is Australia’s first Indigenous provider of work health and safety (WH&S) products, training and software. Based in Sydney, the company comprises a team of current and ex-paramedics and nurses. Together, they hold over 50 years’ combined experience across multiple industries in health care and WH&S.

Initially providing community courses around Australia, Integrity Health & Safety now services some of Australia’s largest government and civil WH&S contracts.

First aid training; a necessity for remote countries

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) staff often deploy to countries that have limited access to immediate medical response services. DFAT first engaged Integrity Health & Safety in 2015 to provide first aid training to staff in preparation for their overseas deployments.

Chief Operating Officer at Integrity Health & Safety, Tim Cohen, says their courses prepare and upskill staff for their deployment to other countries.

‘Our courses include a number of scenarios around remote first aid, for example when an ambulance might not be minutes away, but several hours. We provide general first aid and CPR training to ensure DFAT staff are supported for every situation,’ he says.

In addition to providing first aid training, Integrity Health & Safety also complete all the administration requirements for each course. This includes contacting participating staff, ensuring students register and complete the e-learning course work appropriately and providing an evaluation of staff on completion. Integrity Health & Safety also provide qualification certificates once staff have successfully completed their course.

Indigenous procurement a step in the right direction

As an Indigenous company, Integrity Health & Safety were engaged by DFAT through the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). This policy aims to drive demand for Indigenous goods and services, stimulate Indigenous economic development and grow Indigenous businesses.

Contract Manager at DFAT, Toni Williams, says in addition to supporting Indigenous businesses, the policy also made it simpler for DFAT to engage companies such as Integrity Health & Safety.

‘The IPP also gave us access to Supply Nation, which is a database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. This put us in contact with potential businesses that we were able to test and evaluate through a pilot. Integrity Health & Safety were engaged after the pilot, as they were best placed to deliver the services we needed via a value for money solution.’

Selling to government invaluable for small businesses

Speaking about his experience, Tim says the benefits of selling to government have been endless.

‘For us to have an on-going engagement with a government department like DFAT is important. It allows us to forecast each month and know we have secure work coming in. Their expectations for each course also ensure our service remains high quality and up-to-date with government standards,’ he says.

‘The working relationship we have experienced with DFAT has been transparent and professional. In fact, our dealings with all our government contracts have been very positive.’

Similarly, Toni says the engagement with Integrity Health & Safety has been a positive experience for DFAT.

‘It’s been a pleasure working with Integrity Health & Safety. The training they provide our staff is invaluable and feedback from participating staff is always positive,’ she says.


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