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How to Respond: Building Your Best Response

How can I give my response the best chance of success?

The following quick checklist presents some key points to consider when preparing your offer.

  • Have you targeted the best opportunities?
  • Do you understand all the requirements?
  • Have you attended any briefing offered?
  • Have you planned your tender preparation and allowed plenty of time to meet the deadline?
  • Is your response straightforward and to the point?
  • Have you addressed all mandatory conditions for participation and evaluation criteria?
  • Have you demonstrated value for money?
  • Have you emphasised what sets you apart from your competitors?

Does the Government have to select the cheapest quote?


It is very important to understand that Government organisations are looking for value for money rather than just the cheapest price.

Value for money includes the price, as well as other factors such as total costs of ownership (eg repairs and maintenance, end of life disposal costs), quality and suitability of the goods and services for the purpose and availability in the timeframe, for example.

Case Studies

Bringing unique Indigenous flavours to the government

Indigenous catering company Bandu is a great example of a small business that’s doing big business with the Australian Government.