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Why sell to the Australian Government?

The Australian Government may be an attractive customer to businesses of all sizes right across Australia, including regional and remote areas. The Australian Government is a large potential market for many types of business.

The Australian Government has structured processes for buying goods and services. We want to work with suppliers of all sizes and have made changes to these processes to make selling to the Australian Government easier. Duplication, onerous demands and conditions have been stripped out of contracts making simpler, easier, faster and cheaper for you to do business with the Australian Government.

Contract documentation is generally consistent for Australian Government purchases under $200,000. You can familiarise yourself with the typical terms and conditions that can be expected for these contracts and that saves you time and money in preparing response documents.

The Australian Government has a pay-on-time policy which means it must pay within 20 days of receiving a correctly prepared invoice.

If you are interested in selling to the Australian Government, take a few minutes to look through this website. You will find the information and support needed to understand the process to participate successfully.