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On 17 June 2024 the Minister for Finance, Senator Katy Gallagher, announced updates to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs), and the introduction of the Commonwealth Supplier Code of Conduct (Code). Both the CPRs and the Code will come into effect on 1 July 2024. To support business’s preparation ahead of the effective date, information on the Code is available on the Finance website, and the Responding to an Approach to Market and If you are awarded a contract sections of the Selling to Government website. Further information on the changes to the CPRs is also available on the Finance website. Finance is updating content on the Selling to Government website to align with the updated CPRs.

The Australian Government purchases a wide range of goods and services for delivery right across Australia, including regional and remote areas. This offers businesses of all sizes and industries the potential to participate and grow their business.

The Australian Government is a large potential client. From advertising to cleaning services, engineering, office equipment, training, project management, research, and recruitment — Australian Government organisations purchase a wide variety of goods and services from the private sector. Each Australian Government organisation has its own needs and makes its own purchases to meet its requirements.

Searching AusTender

The easiest way to find out what goods and services the Australian Government buys is to check available and upcoming business opportunities via AusTender Business Opportunities.

Australian Government buyers from relevant entities advertise publicly available business opportunities on AusTender. Details of contracts with Australian Government organisations valued at $10,000 or more are also published on AusTender (AusTender Contracts and Amendments).

Further information on how to use AusTender is available in the Frequently Asked Questions – Using AusTender section of this website, and on the AusTender Help and Information Centre.

AusTender Help and Information Centre

The AusTender Help and Information Centre also includes a variety of guidance and reports to help you better understand opportunities in your sector.

These include:

  • Current approaches to market, which provides insights into all currently open approaches to market that may be of interest to your business
  • Future business opportunities, which provides insights into what the Australian Government is planning to buy that may be of interest to your business
  • What the Government buys, which provides insights into what goods and services Australian Government organisations have entered into contracts for.

Arrangements for Specific Sectors

In addition to exploring opportunities through AusTender, if you are interested in selling to the Australian Government in a specific sector, the below resources may also be valuable:

  • Defence – The Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) is the one-stop-shop for Defence industry support and guidance. ODIS provides a seamless experience for business to engage with Defence. It is the trusted link for Australian small and medium enterprises looking to enter the Defence industry.
  • Digital and Information and Communications Technology – The Digital Transformation Agency’s BuyICT platform is the primary source for the Australian Government when it comes to procuring Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services.
  • Whole of Australian Government Arrangements Coordinated procurement arrangements are established for goods and services commonly used by the Australian Government, such as advertising, legal services, property services, travel and accommodation services, and stationery and office supplies.

Further information on these resources is included in the Selling to Government links and resources section of this website.