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What does the Australian Government buy?

The Australian Government purchases a wide range of goods and services for delivery right across Australia including regional and remote areas. This offers businesses of all sizes and industries the potential to grow their business.

The easiest way to find out what goods and services the Australian Government buys is to check on AusTender. The AusTender website advertises open available business opportunities with the Australian Government. 

AusTender advertises all forms of publicly available business opportunities from the Australian Government.

Search facilities on AusTender help you identify individual tenders or contracts which may be of interest. For example, you can search for relevant business opportunities based on a variety of indicators including the agency name, category of goods or services, or the closing date for submissions.

There are also links to many related government agency sites, procurement policy information, the website, and State and Territory Government sites.

There are a number of basic categories of information listed on AusTender:

  • current opportunities
  • requests for expressions of interest
  • recently closed tenders undergoing evaluation
  • contracts reported
  • annual procurement plans.

Registering with AusTender

One of AusTender's most useful features for any potential supplier to government is the subscription service that allows you to register your area of business interest. You can then receive free automatic email notifications of the latest opportunities as they are advertised.

When you register with AusTender, it is important to specify the widest range of relevant product categories to make sure you are notified of all possible opportunities.

Current opportunities

Approaches to the market advertised through AusTender include requests for tender (including proposals to establish panels) and requests for expressions of interest.

Annual procurement plans

The AusTender website is also where you will find agency annual procurement plans. Annual procurement plans give advance notice to potential suppliers about expected significant procurements.

Contracts awarded

AusTender allows you to follow procurement processes through to the stage of the contract being awarded.

Details of all contracts and standing offers valued at $10,000 or more are reported in AusTender as Contract Notices and can be viewed online. This information may be particularly useful for unsuccessful tenderers in identifying key competitors, and for general background research on what agencies are buying.