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Where do I start?

Pursuing opportunities to supply to the Australian Government is a business decision each business must make for itself. A fully informed decision will provide the greatest potential for a successful outcome.

Understand the customer

Understanding the Australian Government as a customer is the same as marketing goods and services to any potential market segment.

The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) are the basic rule set for all Australian Government procurement. You should gain an understanding of the obligations that apply to Government entities.

Search opportunities 

AusTender is the reporting website for all Australian Government purchases over $10,000 and is the centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded.

Search facilities on AusTender help you identify individual tenders or contracts which may be of interest. For example, you can search for relevant business opportunities based on a variety of indicators including the agency name, category of goods or services, or the closing date for submissions.

AusTender is the ideal resource for monitoring what is happening in the Australian Government marketplace.

Understand the process and market appropriately

The business processes and procedures the Australian Government uses when purchasing from the private sector is similar to other market segments. However, Australian Government organisations must follow some specific rules to ensure the process is open, honest and fair and provides value for money.

Understanding what the Australian Government is looking for will help you prepare a response to an opportunity efficiently.

An understanding of the buying behaviour of the Australian Government, the rules it must follow, and the responsibilities it has during each stage of the buying process will assist you in targeting your marketing efforts to achieve the best outcome.

Give your response the best chance

Australian Government contracts are competitively sought by businesses of all sizes and types. To be successful in winning the business you need to rate well during evaluation. Following are some suggestions to ensure you have given your submission the best chance of success:

  • Monitor AusTender so you know as early as possible of the release of an Approach to Market.
  • Critically assess if this is the right business opportunity for you.
  • Start your Response early.
  • Seek clarification early, if needed. Attend a briefing session if offered.
  • Read, re-read and understand the Requirement.
  • Include everything requested.
  • Meet the closing time (late submissions are NOT accepted).
  • Keep your response concise and on topic.
  • Don’t underprice, but justify your price.
  • Demonstrate value for money.
  • Clearly innovate and cost any innovative business solutions.
  • Ensure your submission is complete and accurate. It is unlikely there will be another opportunity, within this process, to promote your response.
  • Emphasise your competitive difference.