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Annual Procurement Plan

Annual Procurement Plan (APP) – a plan advising of the strategic procurement outlook for each of the Australian Government organisations for the coming year and information on significant procurements they will potentially  undertake.  APPs are published on AusTender before 1 July each year.

Approach to Market

Approach to market (ATM)– any notice inviting potential suppliers to participate in a procurement.  While the term, ATM, is preferred, other terms are used, and may include a Request for Tender(RTF), Request for Quote(RFQ), request for expression of interest(EOI).


AusTender - the web-based facility for the publication and reporting of Australian Government procurement information, including business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded.

Australian Government

Australian Government – this guide relates to the procurement activities of the Australian Government at the federal level; it does not relate to the activities of State, Territory or local government bodies.  Australian Government refers to bodies subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act (2013).

Commonwealth Procurement Rules

Commonwealth Procurement Rules (the Rules) – the policy document that sets out the framework governing Australian Government procurement activity.  The Rules and supporting procurement policy and procedural information is available from under the Procurement menu.


Goods - every type of right, interest or thing which is legally capable of being owned.  This includes, but is not restricted to, physical goods and real property as well as intangibles such as intellectual property, contract options and goodwill.

Limited Tender

Limited Tender – involves an agency approaching one or more potential suppliers to make submissions, where the process does not meet the rules for open tender or prequalified tender

Mandatory Conditions for Participation

Mandatory conditions for participation –minimum conditions that potential suppliers must demonstrate compliance with, in order to participate in a procurement process or for your submissions to be considered.  This may include, for example, submission of a signed Statutory Declaration or a requirement to undertake an accreditation or validation procedure.


Services - the provision of, or access granted to, skills abilities and/or other resources